Vision on Africa, (VoA)

was established in November 2003 and has since obtained legal status in the State of Virginia. We are a nonprofit organization building the capacity of African enterprises through a reservoir of expertise and knowledge transfer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the lives of mothers, children and the youth in a positive and enduring way.

Our Values

We strive to create partnerships that reflect our values and commitment to service to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Our Goal

Our goal is to manifest innovative approaches, network diverse resources and make a measurable impact.


Provide cultural adjustment and skill enhancement training to immigrants from Africa residing in the Washington DC metropolitan areas.

Organize a spotlight on Africa through multidisciplinary forums to facilitate sustainable development and empowerment.

Initiate synergistic partnerships with non-profit organizations and community based organizations to optimize resources. Implement projects initially in Ethiopia and replicate success factors to other African countries.

Network diverse groups to collaborate in building a cohesive and visible pro-African community in the United States.

Target the transfer of knowledge to provide technical assistance in rebuilding Africa's historic, socioeconomic and cultural wealth.


VoA is the conception of a little girls' dream with big heart who went to Kobo, Wollo Province at age 11 to help 750 Orphan Vulnerable Children with four of her class-mates and a teacher from a prominent private girls school named Nazareth School. She felt helpless for the impossible dream that couldn't accommodate all the 750 children at her family's house but managed to adopt one boy named Fekade Belay. Ever since that time she has been compelled to help the needy and ultimately left her Corporate America management position, sold her house and even took early retirement to incorporate her dream into a reality; helping the deprive... and that little girl is the founder of VoA, Miss Senedu Araya-Sellassie.

We take pride in announcing VoA's 5th year anniversary on October 11th since the initial establishment and for all the dedicated services we provided. It has been a milestone with plenty of obstacles but blessed with lots of accomplishments in making a difference in the lives of many.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for sharing our passion and your constant support so that we continue to provide these vital services. Without your support, we couldn't have sustained our mission, remove obstacles and improve the lives of many.

Please join us our "make a difference" journey! Thank you!



After recognizing her efforts and dedication to make a difference, various contributors, institutions and donor groups supported her cause. Besides their support and encouragement, they awarded her with various honorable accolades and prizes:

  • Lrmã Confreira Dama Grã Cruz de Justiça, Real Confraria De São Teotónio; Portugal, Fevereiro 2010.
  • Dama Comendador de Gracia Magistral, the Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of St. John of Jerusalem, knights of Malta, knights of St. John, Ecumenical; June, 2009.
  • L’Order National de la Legion d’Honneur, H.E President Nicholas Sarkozy, President of the Republic of France, November 2008.
  • Honorary Daughter of the Blue Nile, Blue Nile Passage, Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem-NY, September 2007.





Advisory Board

    Ambassador Crispin Gray Johnson
    Mr. Reggie Johnson

Board of Directors

    Mr. Mersie Ejigu
    Miss Goh Sebhat
    Miss Charisse Green
    Mrs. Yewoineshet Desalegn
    Mr. Negatu Telahun
    Mr. Asrate Asfaw Teferra
    Miss Senedu Araya-Sellassie
  Vision on Africa Culmination of a Little Girls Dream: VoA interview with the founder. Read